About Us

Dan Lutz

Master Trapper & Outdoorsman

As a young man, I was always interested in being in the woods and I was fortunate enough to be around older gentleman that had grown up knowing the woods, usually because they were poor, so I used to tag along with them and listen to their stories of how they grew up and how they foraged for food. Back in those days, anything extra was a blessing. I loved to hear their stories about how they got by, I know now I was probably a pest to these guys, but that is how my woods journey started.


I started Fishing and Trapping and then hunting. I was fortunate enough to fish some tournaments in Ohio and had a little success but I always fell back to the woods. When my wife and I first got married times were tough, then my daughter came along and I had to rely on the skills those men had taught me as a young boy. How to trap and how to hunt; I had a lot of success in Trapping and Hunting, I really thought it was a way to live a normal life, so for me, I continue to trap and hunt even after my daughter grew up and moved out. We didn't need the food as much, but I still relied on the income off trapping and now 40 plus years down the trail I'm starting to teach the lessons that I was taught to the younger generation this is a dying sport and when the lessons are gone they will be gone