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on torrents. and i use a 10 kbps cap digi_: but -- per use of a language is a very loose measure of something, given that you could be using dozens, hundreds, or thousands of times s1aden: indeed, it's funny; it should do that without having to specify a cron.daily s1aden: as well, i'm not sure why 'unattended-upgrades' has anything to do with this, either s1aden: i would just run it manually, but using crontab will keep it from having to re-run if the main package is not updated tswett: where did you get this'sources.list'? tswett: from your question, it seems like you're asking where to get ubuntu 16.04 source.list. That is, you're not asking about'sources.list' in the usual sense, but where you can get the *default* sources.list That might be my problem. tswett: which makes sense, since you're trying to rebuild the image ah. I assumed that was what that meant. tswett: basically, you can't use the ubuntu repos at all, since that's not 16.04. You need to use the'main' repository to get main packages, from tswett: e.g., tswett: you might also want to watch out for the version number (e.g., 16.10), if there is something you need to change Okay, thank you. tswett: `lsb_release -c -i` will tell you which version you're on, so you can make sure your sources.list matches tswett: you probably also need to do `apt update; apt upgrade` for the xenial packages on xenial before updating your apt sources.list and trying to upgrade Oh, that's why I was getting upgrade from 0 -> 0.




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Tekken 5 For PC Highly Compressed Just 30 Mb

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